Who is not afraid of pension reforms?

15 September 2021

According to the ancient Georgian belief, the time given to a dear guest in his own home should be added to the years of the owner's life. Judging by the life expectancy of people in Georgia, they always gladly received guests and spent enough time in the company to then live to gray hair and become long-livers. In addition, in Georgia, the older generation is especially respected by young people, which cannot but affect harmonious relationships in families and between generations.

All here: nature, climate and traditions were created to preserve human health. Children do not go to school on the first of September, but sit down at their desks closer to the beginning of the third week of the first month of autumn, when the weather allows them to study in comfort. And in winter, in Batumi and Tbilisi, residents, like children, rejoice in the snow that has fallen, as something extraordinary, although this happens, although rarely, but almost every year.

The whole point is in a special mentality, when it is not customary to rush, everything must be done with love and enjoying, and this, incorrect, is the most important explanation of the life expectancy of people in Georgia. 

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