So good that he became a representative in space!

11 September 2021

Do you know what the inhabitants of other planets will hear if they stumble upon a message sent into outer space by the American Space Agency in 1976?

In addition to the information collected to present the inhabitants of the Earth to other civilizations, a Georgian song was chosen as an example of musical talents, reflecting all the beauty and melody of music available to the inhabitants of our green planet. 

And this choice was not made by chance, for example, Katie Melua, a native of Kutaisi, who gave a concert at a depth of 303 meters and entered the Guinness Book of Records, in 2006 was recognized as a performer whose album sales broke all records in Europe and Great Britain. 

Georgian singing, both the melodies themselves and the command of the voice deserve all praise if you are a fan of Georgian culture and would like to spend more time in this beautiful hospitable country - buy an apartment in Georgia.