Where is it worth seeing the property?

October 13 2021

Living in warmth and comfort has long been considered a great blessing, but the location of mineral resources and, accordingly, industrial enterprises, forced people to settle in areas that were not the most prosperous in terms of climate.

People who are willing and able to change their place of residence, as a rule, want to move closer to the sea. Housing prices in coastal cities of Russia have approached their maximum this year, especially in Sochi. The moratorium on construction, economic components, lack of land made this city a record holder in the cost per square meter.

For the money spent on a small studio on the Black Sea coast of Russia, you can buy a house in Cyprus or buy an apartment in Batumi... Georgia today is a favorable territory for investing in housing. There are no property taxes here, it is easier to set up a business, many residents speak Russian, so it will be easier for a Russian citizen to adapt when moving, and there will be no problems at all with the delivery of purchased housing, since Batumi attracts many tourists regardless of the season.