Hospitality as a way of life

October 19 2021

It has long been a custom in Georgia to leave a guest room in the house. And earlier, any traveler could use this room, be it a poor man or a wealthy person. Regardless of appearance, a warm welcome, delicious food, wine, often of their own production, and the company of the owner of the house were always waiting for the guest. Any guest was considered a messenger of God if he came himself, and being brought in by a friend or relative could also be considered a friend or family. Of course, time has introduced a number of changes, but Georgian hospitality itself has not lost its charm.

Today, as well as many years ago, the Georgian people honor every guest and do not accept refusal from the invitation to the table. Unaccustomed to such an open demonstration of sympathy for strangers, representatives of other nations may be completely discouraged, but this passes rather quickly, giving way to the beginning of warm friendships. Indeed, with the benevolent Georgian people, who honor each guest as a dear friend, it is a pleasure to be in the company, and the national cuisine and wines only complement the atmosphere.

Many who have visited this sunny country at least once dream buy a house in Georgiato join such wonderful and long-standing customs that give to appreciate all the goodness of the human soul.