Get the cart ready in winter!

November 8, 2021

Everyone understands the meaning of the proverb about taking care of the future in advance, but what to do with the acquisition of real estate when it is better buy an apartment in Batumi, summer or winter?

In general, the most favorable time for purchasing apartments is the summer period. This is due to decreased activity in the business area and more pliable sellers in terms of concessions. But do not forget about other important factors, be it the economic situation in the country and in the world in general, the entry into force of new laws, especially those concerning mortgage loans.

Price increases are usually observed in the off-season, although objects located in a convenient area, in good houses, with a good layout, will always be in price. As for real estate in resort towns, the holiday season itself matters here, in Batumi it is summer, which means that closer to summer the price will be maximum. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the individual features of the property planned for purchase, only in this way it is possible to draw the right conclusions about the most favorable time for buying.

Also, many buying / selling sites provide reference materials on the change in the price of an object over time, which can also be useful.