Georgia enhances its uniqueness

November 18, 2021

It may well be that soon a palm island will be erected on the territory of Batumi! The construction of an artificial archipelago is still only a project, but the idea is simply fantastic. Already this year, it is planned to start research to study the possibilities of implementing the project at all levels.

Further, architects, designers and builders of international level will be invited and the construction will begin, but all this only after confirmation of economic feasibility, according to the chairman of the government of Adjara. Of course, such an ambitious plan will require large investments, but uniqueness in the future will only play into the hands of popularizing the country in the eyes of tourists.

Today, there is a similar archipelago in the UAE, which, according to many tourists, is the eighth wonder of the world. Therefore, if you want buy an apartment in Georgia, do not delay, now is the best time to implement the plan. After all, the appearance of such a unique object may well lead to a significant rise in real estate prices.