Russians continue to invest in housing abroad

November 22, 2021

Favorable climate, convenient geographic location, loyal tax policy, force more and more people to buy real estate in Georgia.

Since 2015, there has been a high interest of Russian residents in Georgia, which is evident from the statistics of real estate objects registered by Russians. Last year, almost fifty percent of all housing bought by foreigners fell on Russians. In this regard, Georgia may well compete with countries such as Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Montenegro. Most often, people choose secondary housing, but there is also a share of those invested in new buildings.

The fact is that a secondary building is a premise that is already ready for renting / living, while even the best option in a house under construction is still an expectation associated with nerves, not always clear prospects, price fluctuations and the general situation in the country and the world. The advantage of investing in new buildings can be an attractive price, convenient location and comfortable layouts.

When choosing for yourself, always weigh all the risks, consult with agents, independently study the market or trust professionals.