Festivals and out-of-town rest

December 18 2021

Real estate for sale in Batumi increases turnover, housing is especially in demand here for foreigners, including residents of Russia.

What attracts people to this part of Georgia?

Batumi hosts many festivals, the most significant:

  • Black Sea (jazz), is held in mid-July and collects world stars;
  • Kite Festival (kites), replaces jazz and gathers kiting lovers, the sky above the sea coast turns into a place for the competition of bright kites of all shapes and sizes. Anyone can take management lessons;
  • BIAFF (auteur cinema), of course, it is not complete without eminent guests. Directors, actors, producers must attend the festival in mid-September;
  • "Gandagana" (rural tourism) - is a two-day fair in mid-October, where local artists perform. Farmers hold master classes and advertise their products - from wine to handicrafts.

In addition to festival recreation, you can visit the outskirts of the city. For example, the Botanical Garden, founded in 1912 by A. Krasnov. If you plan a trip, expect to spend the whole day in the garden. The park features different climatic zones with appropriate vegetation. In Shekvitili there is a beach with unusually black sand, here you can also visit the Georgia in miniature park and the arboretum. For lovers of antiquities, the Gonio fortress and the Tsikhisdziri settlement, where the ruins of the Petra fortress are located, will be a must. And for connoisseurs of natural beauty - the Makhuntseti waterfall and do not forget that the Silk Road passed where the Chorokhi and Adjaristskhali rivers merge.

In Georgia, you can find amazing places that give pleasant impressions and memories!