A bit of history

December 1 2021

Planning a purchase apartments in Georgia, a person looks after the most comfortable city. Most often, the choice is made in favor of Batumi. It is hard to imagine, but only 150 years ago, during the time of the Russian Empire, five thousand people lived here. The population grew rapidly and by the beginning of the nineteenth century increased to 28,5 thousand.

These were mainly:

  • Georgians;
  • Russians;
  • Turks;
  • Greeks;
  • Armenians;
  • Abkhazians;
  • Persians;
  • Jews.

A hundred years later, there were already more than one hundred and thirty-six thousand people in the city. The collapse of the USSR indirectly contributed to a slight decrease in the population due to emigration. In subsequent years, the city experienced different times, but its popularity as a resort grew.

Today it is a great place to relax. Many foreigners who came here as tourists, in the desire to join the local culture and enjoy the wonderful climate, have purchased housing here. Not only the developed infrastructure and beauty of architecture attract buyers. Georgia has a comfortable taxation system, there are convenient ways of doing business, the country is actively developing in the direction of improving the lives of citizens, and this is also noted by citizens of other states.

Statistics show that the number of sales of real estate to foreigners is growing, which means that the attractiveness of life in Georgia is not losing its popularity.