Is it possible to buy a smart home in Batumi?

March 30 2022

Buy real estate in Batumi

Times are changing and in a rapidly changing world, the so-called «Smart houses. Smart House or Smart House it is a system that combines different programs and functions. A standard smart home system includes: lighting, water supply, air conditioning, heating and a security system. We offer you buy in Batumi prefabricated steel houses. During the construction, betopan, glass wool, polyurethane and drywall are used.

We only need two months and you are already living in your house with a pool and landscaping. This is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly house with a fire-fighting system, and is also resistant to earthquakes up to 11 points. You will have the opportunity to dismantle and install it in a new location. You can purchase a one-story (from 100 m2) or two-story (from 160 m2) similar house. Price from $599 per m2. The total cost includes repairs and furniture, without white goods. The guarantee for this design is 10 years.