Demand for rent is growing every day

April 21 2022

to rent an apartment

The whole world is closely following the tragic events in Ukraine. The endless flow of people from the countries of the former Soviet Union is growing every day. In connection with the current situation, today in Georgia, in particular in Batumi, there are a lot of people who want to rent an apartment for a long time. People come to the country for an indefinite period in search of housing and work, asking for help with accommodation and adaptation. We can say that there is a crisis situation, due to the lack of apartments for rent, which led to an increase in the price of apartments during these weeks. But Georgia is doing everything possible to settle this problem. In social networks, there are channels and groups through which you can find housing and solve everyday issues.

Naturally, today there are a lot of opportunities to view the information on the sites yourself and make a decision. But there are always certain risks and it is better to consult with professional realtors. You can refer to Professional employees of the real estate agency will always consult with you, give practical advice about buying or renting real estate and help you choose the best and best option for you.