Qvevri wines from Georgia - we tasted 69 wines

August 6 2022

White Qvevri wines - 41 varieties

It was a great chance to taste 69 different wines from real Georgian qvevri, white and red.

In addition to the famous wines themselves, Georgia has become famous in the wine world for the vessels in which it stands some of the varieties. This is one of the countries that has a special place in the world of winemaking, as it is part of the South Caucasus, where the vine was first domesticated several thousand years ago. Georgia is a special country for wine, it has a continuous history of winemaking that goes back to antiquity.

And large clay vessels - kvevri - is in the very center of this story. This is a large earthenware jug dug into the ground. A winery with qvevri in the floor is called a marani. The traditional way to work with these vessels is to fill them with bunches of grapes and then just let them do their thing. For white wines, the grapes are usually aged for 6 months in their skins, and then the qvevri is opened and the wine is extracted: the shape of the qvevri helps to remove yeast sediment and other dirt, so the wine does not need to be clarified or filtered. Qvevri wines are natural and do not contain added sulfites.

Solomon Tsitska Tsolikauri 2020 Imereti

12,3% alcohol. Lively, with hints of citrus and marmalade, showing good focus and grainy texture. 91/100

Wine cellar "Chrebalo" Tetra 2019 Racha-Lekhnumi

12,5% ​​alcohol. Grape variety - Tsulikidze Tetra. This wine has a lively fruity first nose of apples, pears. On the palate are juicy fruits of apple and pear with a pleasant clarity and a hint of white pepper. Excellent variety. 89/100

Simon Chkheidze Wine Cellar Obchuri Tsitska-Tsolikouri 2019 Imereti

11,6% alcohol. Earthy, cheesy and lively. The taste is pleasant, bright, dry, with slight notes of herbs, minerality and a pleasant relaxing effect. 88/100

Simon Chkheidze Wine Cellar Obchuri Tsitska-Krakhuna 2019 Imereti

11% alcohol. It differs in aroma with milky, cheesy notes and a subtle hint of raw earth and wax. However, the taste is wonderful, with hints of lemon and pear, and a nice fine grain structure and longevity. 90/100

Winery Sevsamor Kisi 2019 Kakheti

12,5% ​​alcohol. Amber. Wonderful aroma of fresh grapes, pear, spices and apricot. The palate has an earthy undertone of pear and spice, with a detailed grain structure, spice and mint. 93/100

Babunidze Vina Kisi Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

12% alcohol. Amber. The wine is earthy and spicy with earthy aromas. The palate is dry and structured with wonderful notes of wax, earth, spices and citrus. 92/100

Georgian wines Rare Kisi 2018 Kakheti

13% alcohol. A wonderful combination of notes of cheese, wax and earth, as well as fresh white pepper, mint, pear and apple. Fine structure and details: very good. 93/100

Koncho & Company Kisi Qvevri 2018 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Warm, round and textured, with hints of table grapes, pears and citrus fruits, showing a pleasant structure and hints of peach and marmalade. Warm and delicious. 92/100

Kindzmarauli Corporation Duruji Valley Kisi Qvevri 2018 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Refined, fresh and detailed taste with fresh notes of pear, apple and citrus, as well as hints of marmalade and apricot. Very nice and delicate taste, with good structure. 91/100

Viniveria Gurashvili Kisi Qvevri 2018 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Spicy, full-bodied, earthy and buttery flavor with ripe apples and pears. Shows beautiful texture and tenacious finish. Good intensity and warmth: 89/100

Art Mtevani Artevani Kisi 2017 Kakheti

12% alcohol. Lively, textural, detailed and subtle, with notes of clay and earth, fresh citrus, marmalade and pear. A very nice combination of pear and peach. Structured but with layers. 93/100

Ojaleshe Tsolikauri Salkhino 2020 Samegrelo

13% alcohol. Deep amber color, aroma of baked apples and lively taste with notes of apples and lemons, a little orange peel. Firm tannins and good acidity: a characteristic wine. 90/100

Ketevan Ninidze Oda Family Marani 2019 Semegrelo

14% alcohol. This is a varietal Tsolikauri. Powerful, grapey, rich and spicy, with bright fruity notes of lemon and table grapes. There is some structure as well as sweetness. 87/100

Gurginedze family vineyards Itsis Marani Bimbili 2019 Imereti

13,5% alcohol. This is a varietal Tsolikauri. Bright and lively with crisp, clean citrus and a hint of pear. Modern fruity taste with pleasant acidity. 90/100

Vazi+Binekhi Tsolikauri Qvevri 2018 Imereti

13,5% alcohol. Refined, fresh and inviting, with pure fruit flavors, pear and a hint of melon. Pleasant citrus taste with freshness and detail. Exquisite variety. 91/100

Zaalis Marani Wine cellar Zaal Liluashvili Tsolikauri 2018 Imereti

12% alcohol. This is a varietal Tsolikauri. Sweet aroma with warm, slightly earthy notes of peach and marmalade. Grainy palate with hints of pear and licorice, as well as some earthy notes. 89/100

George Wolski Andrias Gwino Chinuri 2019

12% alcohol. This is a varietal chinuri. Mint, apple and pear with earthy undertones. The taste is very stony and mineral, demonstrating excellent freshness and purity. It has good acidity and low tannic viscosity. 92/100

Wines Napareuli Rachuli Mtsvane 2020 Racha-Lechkhumi

13% alcohol. Mtsvane is diversity. Fresh and bright, with a pleasant structure. It has a pear and spicy character with good balance. Fine aftertaste: tender and thin with pleasant fruits. 92/100

Nareklishvili and sons of Qvevri Mtsvivani wine cellar Kakhuri Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Round and sweet fruity taste with marmalade and apricot, a little nectarine and a wonderful depth of fruit, showing a fine structure. A very attractive wine. 93/100

Beka Jimsheladze Vellino Mtsvane 2018 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Wonderful aroma of pear, peach and spices. The palate is textured and subtle, with notes of sweet pear and ripe apple. Pleasant structure: fine-grained and expressive. 94/100

Bolero & Company Sabado Grand Mtsvane Qvevri 2018 Kakheti

Bolero & Company Sabado Grand Mtsvane Qvevri 2018 Kakheti
13% alcohol. Rocky and earthy taste with hints of mint, pear and apple, as well as some spices. There is a hint of mustiness in the background and a dry earthy finish. 86/100

Chona Marani Mtsvane/Rkatsiteli 2019 Kakheti

14,5% alcohol. Deep rich taste. Rich, fruity and textural with notes of earth, spice, tea and minerals. Delivers aromas of ripe pear and peach fruits. Sufficiently dense, with warmth and good structure. 92/100

Nareklishvili and sons Wine Cellar Qvevri Khikhvi Ovevri 2019 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Lovely hints of marmalade, mandarin and pear with good acidity and structure. It has spiciness and a ripe apple with good texture and depth. Subtle and intense. 94/100

George Volsky Andrias Gvino Rkatsiteli 2020 Kakheti

13,7% alcohol. Delicate aroma with notes of pear, peach and mandarin. Nice spicy notes with good structure and aromas of apple, lemon and mandarin. Very lively and detailed. 93/100

Anapeya village Udabno Side Rkatsiteli 2019 Kakheti

12% alcohol. The taste is very fresh, with hints of mint and earth in the first nose. Soft and fresh mouthfeel with hints of pear, apple and lemon, good structure and a rocky earthy undertone. 93/100

Askaneli Brothers Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

Mild taste with attractive notes of fruits, tangerines and pears. Fresh and clean wine, with good acidity and fine grain structure. Well balanced - expressive, juicy and subtle. 94/100

Marbano Goruli Mtsvane Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

13,5% alcohol. Rounded and textural palate with hints of pear, peach and table grapes, as well as subtle earthy undertones. Finely flavored with good fruit. 92/100

Babunidze Wine Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

12,5% ​​alcohol. Earth, spices, wax and smoke in the nose. Fresh, structured palate with a waxy pear aroma and hints of lemon. 88/100

Marani Chony Rkatsiteli 2019 Kakheti

14,5% alcohol. A little waxy clay in the first nose, but the main sensations here are sweet textured fruits: pears, apples, lemons and spices. This wine has a distinct combination of warmth with fine ripe fruit. 93/100

Georgian Wine Corporation Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Deeply colored taste. Very lively bright apple-marmalade notes with sweet spice. Style with high acidity, reminiscent of an apple fruit. Has a solid structure. 87/100

Georgian wines Rare Rkatsiteli 2018 Kakheti

13% alcohol. This wine has nutty notes on the first nose that sets off waxy citrus fruits. The taste is textured and detailed with a wonderful aroma of apples, peaches and melons, well structured. The shade of cherry is also different. 91/100

Beka Jimsheladze Vellino Rkatsiteli 2018 Kakheti

Very fragrant taste of table grapes and nectarines. Rounded, smooth, with soft pear and peach fruits. Very nice and detailed aftertaste. 93/100

Rusudan Zerakidze Zenishi Rkatsiteli 2018 Kakheti

13,5% alcohol. Apple and pear with hints of mint and clay. The wine has a distinct savory aftertaste with some nutty and earthy notes. 85/100

Vazi+Binekhi Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2017 Kakheti

13,5% alcohol. Stony and discreet taste, slightly earthy, with a pleasant filling and taste of fleshy pears, as well as a hint of anise. Saturated texture. 92/100

Kindzmarauli Marani Krahuna Qvevri 2019

12% alcohol. Minty transition to sweet fruits of pear and apple. This wine has a clear structure with a bit of rockiness. 88/100

Gurian wine from Amiran Dolidze Krahuna 2019 Guria

12% alcohol. Rounded and open taste with notes of grapes, and an attractive hint of pear and mandarin. Feels good acidity and structure. Lively and bright wine. 90/100

Sanavardo Estate Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

12,5% ​​alcohol. Sunny fresh aroma of tender pear and citrus fruits with ripe apple. Clear fruity taste, lively and well structured. 89/100

Wine Company Orshymo Anbani Rkatsiteli 2019 Kakheti

13% alcohol. Soft and rounded taste with notes of pear, apple and spices, as well as a hint of clay/earth. Good detail and acidity with real finesse. 92/100

Marbano Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2019 Kakheti

14,5% alcohol. A very beautiful wine with a structured taste and wonderful grainy notes, showing a subtle spice and aroma of earth and pear fruit. Very refined, with a slight saltiness and good balance. 95/100

Vartsikhe Marani Krahuna Qvevri 2018 Imereti

30% cutaneous fermentation. Fresh, soft and subtle, with hints of juicy citrus, a touch of marmalade and a light draw. There is an earthy fruity flavor on the palate. Bright style. 89/100

family Ketevan Ninidze Marani Qvevri Nature Rose 2019 Samegrelo

Qvevri pink. Fine and textured on the palate with grainy, stony undertones of fresh citrus and pear fruit. Fine elegance with hints of cherry and raspberry, bright and layered structure. 92/100

James Goody, Sommelier, Wineanorak