Why is it better to spend the winter in Georgia?

13 September 2022

Why is it better to spend the winter in Georgia?

Prices for heating and utilities in the European Union are growing every day. And more and more Europeans are thinking about where it is more profitable to spend the winter.
This is probably why the topic of “seasonal migration” has recently become relevant. And one of the best financially profitable options is Georgia, the city of Batumi, Adjara.

Why Batumi?

1. Because the average air temperature in Batumi in the winter months is + 10-12 degrees, and on fine days it can reach up to + 20-24. At the same time, most winter days the sun shines brightly like in summer. And in each winter month there are only 6 rainy days. 

2. The price for utility bills in Batumi will cost 3 times cheaper than in Europe. For example, the average price of district heating in 2021 was around €407 per year for an average apartment in Germany, it will now rise to around €705 per year in 2022. The reason for this phenomenon is a 450% increase in the cost of purchasing natural gas for 2022-23 compared to the same period in 2021-22. From October 1, according to preliminary studies, the price increase will be 133%, i.е. The cost of natural gas for consumers will not cost €0,0787 per kilowatt-hour, but will increase to €0,1830. And in Georgia, the gas price is 0,022 € per kWh (0,2 € per cubic meter of gas), while due to the subtropical climate, gas consumption is several times less than in Europe. The average price for electricity in Germany for 1 kW/h is 0,37 €, and in Batumi 0,077 € for 1 kW/h.
Therefore, the costs will increase annually for the average homeownership in Europe from approximately €960 to €2002.

3. Food in Georgia is cheaper than in Europe. For example, the consumer basket in Germany per person per month is 200-300 €, and according to official data in Georgia 78 € (224 lari), but in fact 100-150 €. But many Georgians, in order to save on groceries, make their main purchases in supermarkets in Turkey (food is 2-3 times cheaper than in Georgia). From Batumi to the nearest supermarket in Turkey (city of Kemalpasa) is only 20 km.

4. A guest in Georgia is a special person. You can always feel free to ask for a discount in the market, and you can also get a compliment in a restaurant. And you can also have a good conversation with the locals.

5. Batumi is a rapidly developing international city. If you do not speak Georgian, then you can easily speak Russian or English, Georgians will understand you anyway. 

Winter in Batumi is very mild and beautiful!!!
It's fresh air, palm trees and incredibly beautiful sea!!!