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Total area: 1413 m2
Land category: Agricultural
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Total area: 1642 m2
Land category: Agricultural
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Total area: 2150 m2
Land category: Agricultural
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Total area: 3194 m2
Number of rooms: 5
Land area: 31 cells
Floors: 2
Repairs: Repair required
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Total area: 368 m2
Number of rooms: 7
Land area: 3 cells
Floors: 2
Repairs: Cosmetic
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want to buy a land plot in Batumi?

Today real estate in Batumi is one of the most popular in Georgia. Favorable climate, amazing nature, developed infrastructure make Batumi comfortable both for permanent residence and for recreation. Despite the fact that apartments by the sea, in the city center or with a view of the mountains are in stable demand, land plots are still more in demand.

Buy a land plot in Batumi - the desire of any person who has visited this paradise at least once. And it is not at all difficult to do this, on the contrary, it is a very successful investment of your income and the fulfillment of your desire.

pokupka-zemelnogo-uchastka-v-gruzii.jpg zemelnyj-uchastok-v-batumi.jpg

Why is it very profitable to buy a land plot in Batumi?

City location

Batumi is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea on one side, and on the other, it is surrounded by mountains. Thus, the site you have chosen will be able to have a view of both the mountains and the sea. Agree, this is very profitable! If you want to build a house on the plot, this will give you the great advantage of enjoying the picturesque sea view and the mountain landscape at the same time.


The climate in Batumi is humid subtropical. It contributes to the fact that here you can grow not only citrus fruits that are already familiar to us, but also some other exotic fruits such as kiwi, feihua, figs, persimmons. Some fruits begin to ripen as early as May, and the fruit season in Georgia lasts until winter. Almost every plot for sale already has a citrus garden on its territory. Therefore, you can plant other fruit trees as well. The soil here is very favorable for growing not only fruits, but also vegetables.

Fast checkout for a foreign citizen

As for the registration of a land plot in Georgia by a foreign citizen, unlike other states, you will not have any problems with this issue either. True, you will definitely need to familiarize yourself with the basics of the new legislation. Any foreign citizen can buy a land plot in Georgia if it has a non-agricultural status. Transfer to this status is permitted by the law of Georgia.

Prices for land plots in Batumi are very affordable. A feature of buying real estate in Georgia is the absence of tax for individuals. So, buying a land plot is a very profitable and acceptable option for you if you want to increase your capital, or if you just want to live in Batumi.

Yes, and do not forget that the land in Batumi will always be in demand in any economic situation in the country!

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