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Total area: 170 m2
Number of rooms: 3
Land area:
Floors: 2
Repairs: Requires cosmetic
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Total area: 6119 m2
Number of rooms: 4
Land area: 61 cells
Floors: 2
Repairs: Repair required
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Total area: 3229 m2
Number of rooms: 6
Land area: 32 cells
Floors: 1
Repairs: Good
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Total area: 2600 m2
Number of rooms: 5
Land area: 26 cells
Floors: 3
Repairs: Normal
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Total area: 1829 m2
Number of rooms: 17
Land area: 1829 cells
Floors: 3
Repairs: Requires cosmetic
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Total area: 165 m2
Number of rooms: 4
Land area: 70 cells
Floors: 2
Repairs: Repair required
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Do you want to buy a house in Georgia?

A private cottage is an opportunity to live separately, without neighbors behind the wall. Most of the cottages for sale have their own adjacent green areas.

kottezhi-v-batumi.jpg kotteji-doma-v-batumi.jpg

Living in your own home has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • You can choose the ideal layout, be it a typical project or an original architectural solution;
  • You will acquire your own home, where you can change the layout according to your wishes, consulting only with narrow specialists, and not with supervisory authorities;
  • You do not have to notify your neighbors about a possible violation of the silence in the evening / morning hours, you can arrange holidays and have fun at your own pleasure;
  • You can walk your pet or walk with children in the adjacent territory, equip your own garden.

It is quite possible to buy a cottage in Georgia inexpensively, it is only important to contact the professionals. We will help you find the perfect cottage in Georgia, in the place of your interest, at a reasonable price for you and meeting all your expectations.

Houses and apartments for sale in new buildings, which is better?

Prices for cottages in Georgia vary considerably, this largely depends on the structure itself, elite cottages even on the outskirts can cost more than small houses in the center. Private houses are always in great demand. The proximity of the coastal line, developed infrastructure, a large number of entertainment facilities make the place attractive for recreation and not only summer but also year-round living. Often people buy a house jointly, and spend their vacations in turns, having their own place to rest and no longer spending money on hotels and sanatoriums. Wealthy pensioners who want to improve their health and want to live permanently closer to the coast and nature come here.

How to choose the best of all the options that are on sale?

The sale or lease of a cottage, of a certain area, with a land plot is in high demand today. Unlike an apartment in a new building, for a similar or slightly higher price, you can pick up a plot of sufficient area with a building, where the number of rooms can exceed this indicator in the apartment, and the area of ​​the rooms itself can be larger.

As a rule, the search is carried out according to standard criteria:

  • In a certain area. Depending on the desire of the client, the area can be secluded or, on the contrary, lively4
  • Plot area. For a large farm, a sufficient area is simply necessary, otherwise you will have to rent neighboring lands to add the desired territory;
  • Number of rooms;
  • Repair needs. Cheaper options are sold with minimal finishes or already in need of additional investment;
  • Having a nice view. Many buyers tend to add this requirement, especially if the land is planned to be used for commercial purposes, then the infrastructure of the area also plays an important role.

For example, in the Kobuleti region there are many plots of different sizes: from very small to rather impressive ones with ready-made buildings. Many buildings in the area are being sold ready to move in, requiring little or no renovation. Also, our specialists can help you choose an option for buying or renting an object, the required area in the desired area. The buyer can add individual wishes regarding the purpose of the rooms, the absence of walk-throughs or very large / small rooms, several bedrooms.

Our specialists try to fulfill the wishes of all our clients, selecting really very successful options for everyone. We practice a purely individual approach, which allows us to do our work much faster and better, and to our clients to buy private houses or plots in Georgia at the best price.

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